on Line Automatic Stretch Wrapper

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On Line Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Power 3P AC380V 50Hz 2KW
Air pressure 4kg/cm2~6kg/cm2
Air consumption 1m3/hr
Turnable diameter φ2000mm (could be customized)
Turnable load-bearing within 1500kg
Conveyor stable height 450mm
Machine size L2940×W2000×H[(2000~3000)+450]mm
Turntable speed 0-6r/min, 0-9r/min, 0-12r/min (adjustable)
Film outlet mode motor mechanism pre-stretch

Suitable for wrap all kinds of column type erect products
Automatic film add, film cut, fondle, connected with the conveyor, to fulfill unmanned operation
Use PLC control, stable characteristic, easy operation, and could be adjusted wrap method and parameter according to the need.
Height control method: Photoelectric switch control lift height, black body, photoelectric should be reserved, travel switch is for special use
With frequency speed regulation function, could be adjusted the speed according to the product at any time.
With frequency soft start and soft localization function, to make sure stable wrap, and accurate localization.
With safety protection railing, reliable and safety operation
Turntable with automatic reset and braking system, accurate positioning to make sure pallet inlet&outlet direction
To prevent the damage when in transportation, has dust-proof, moisture-proof and cleaning function
With CE verify

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