full automatic filling machine

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full automatic filling machine

full automatic filling machine

The machine body is made of high-quality stainless steel, other parts are made of non-toxic and durable composite materials, and the electrical and pneumatic systems are made of imported components, so the equipment has low failure rate and high reliability.

Technological process: automatic lid pulling machine → automatic barrel brushing machine → automatic barrel loading machine → automatic washing and disinfection → automatic filling → automatic lid trimming, cover covering and gland covering → lamp inspection → automatic heat shrinkable film → automatic bag covering (including conveyor belt).

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The process of the liquid filling machine is generally as follows: the boxes with empty bottles are stacked on pallets, sent to the tray unloader by the conveyor belt, and the pallets are unloaded one by one. The boxes are sent to the unloading machine along with the conveyor belt, and the empty bottles are taken out from the boxes. The empty boxes are sent to the washing machine by the conveyor belt, cleaned, and then transported to the side of the packing machine, so as to load the bottles with drinks. The empty bottles taken out from the unloading machine are sent to the bottle washing machine by another conveyor belt for disinfection and cleaning. After being inspected by the bottle inspection machine, the empty bottles meet the cleaning standards and enter the filling machine and the capping machine. Drinks are bottled by the filling machine. The bottles loaded with drinks are sealed by the capping machine and transported to the labeling machine for labeling. After labeling, the bottles are sent to the packing machine for packing and then to the palletizer for stacking and then to the warehouse.

Use, maintenance and installation

1. Because the filling machine is an automatic machine, the dimensions of easy pull bottle, bottle pad and bottle cap are required to be unified.

2. Before starting the machine, you must first use the handle to turn the machine to see if there is any abnormality in its rotation, and then start the machine after it is determined to be normal.

3. When adjusting the machine, the tools should be used properly. It is strictly prohibited to use excessive tools or use excessive force to dismantle parts to avoid damaging the parts or affecting the performance of the machine.

4. When the machine is adjusted, it is necessary to tighten the loosened screws, and turn the machine with the handle to see if its action meets the requirements before starting.

5. The machine must be kept clean. It is strictly prohibited to have oil, liquid medicine or glass debris on the machine to avoid damage to the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to:

(1) in the production process of the machine, clear the liquid medicine or glass debris in time.

(2) clean all parts of the machine surface once before shift handover, and add clean lubricating oil to each activity department.

(3) it shall be scrubbed once a week, especially the places that are not easy to be cleaned in normal use or blown with compressed air.

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Disinfection and washing

1. Loosen the upper and lower set screws, remove the liquid injection system for overall disinfection, or remove them for disinfection and cleaning respectively.

2. Put the liquid inlet pipe into the cleaning liquid and start the machine for cleaning.

3. There may be errors in the actual filling of 500ml machine until the measuring cylinder is used before the formal filling.

4. Needle tube for filling machine, standard 5ml or 10ml syringe for type 10, 20ml glass filler for type 20 and 100ml glass filler for type 100.

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Installation precautions

1. After unpacking the machine, first check whether the accompanying technical data are complete and whether the machine is damaged during transportation, so as to solve the problem in time.

2. Install and adjust the feed assembly and discharge assembly according to the outline drawing in this manual.

3. Apply new lubricating oil to each lubricating point.

4. Turn the machine with the rocker to check whether the machine is running in the correct direction (counter clockwise facing the motor spindle), and the machine must be grounded.

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