Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System (RO Series)

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  • RO Series

Water Treatment System

Pre-treatment Part
1Raw water tank1 set

2Raw water pump with electromagnetic valve1 setstainless steel 304
3Mechanical quartz sand filter1 setstainless steel 304Inner coat: epoxy resin
4Active carbon filter1 setstainless steel 304
5Precision filter1 setstainless steel 3045um PP filter core
6Safety filter1 setstainless steel 3041um PP filter core
7Antiscale dosing device1 setPEMilton(USA)
RO Treatment System
8One-stage high pressure water pump1 setstainless steel 304
9One-stage RO system, , Y≥70%

10PLC control system1 set
11Low voltage electric and button group1 set

12Instruments cabinet1 setstainless steel 304
13Equipments frame1 setstainless steel 304
14Motor protect system1 set

15Automatic cleaning system for RO1 set
After-treatment system
16UV Sterilizer1 unit

17Pure water tank1 setstainless steel 304
18Pure water pump2 setsstainless steel 304
19Terminal titanium filter1 setstainless steel 3041um
20Joints and pipes1 setUPVC
21Valves group1 setUPVC
22System pressure meter10pcs
23System flux meter10pcs


1) SUS 304 CE certificate
2) Capacity: 2000-40000BPH.
3) Volume: 2T/H-60T/H
4) Application:
Pure drink water, mineral water
Water for food and beverage production
Water for boiler, treatment of the industrial waste water
Water for medical use, high purity water for electronics industry

It is applied for the production of pure water, mineral water, beverage's product water and process water. It is mainly composed of the following equipments: Pre-treatment system (multi-medium filter, active carbon filter, ion exchange, ), membrane separation system (Ultra filtration, nanometer filter, RO water treatment system, 1stage or 2 stage), sterilization system (UV sterilizer, ozone sterilizer) and so on.

Water treatment Flowchart
Flocculant doser Antiscale doser raw water tank- Pressurized pump- Multimedia filter - Active carbon filter- Precision filter-pH adjust safety filter-1st high pressure pump-1stage RO -Middle water tank -2ND high pressure pump- water recycle Ozone generator 2ND stage RO - Pure water tank-Pressurized pump- Oxidation tower- Terminal pump- Tirod filter- Filling.

Equipment Composition
No. Name
1 Raw Water Tank
2 Raw Water Pump
3 Mechanical Filter
4 Active Carbon Filter
5 Softener
6 Precision Filter
7 2-stage RO System
8 Central Water Tank
9 Pump
10 Oxidation Tower
11 Ozonizer
12 Pure Water Tank
13 Pump
14 Ti-rod Filter


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