PE Film Shrink Wrapping Machine (without tray)

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PE Film Shrinking Wrapping Machine

1) SUS 304 CE certificate
2) Capacity: 2000-40000BPH.
3) Volume: 200-2500ml
4) PET Bottle, Glass Bottle, Can Bottle

Main features
This shrink wrapping machine is suitable for packaging of beverage, water and beer and composed of bottle sorter, sealer, shrinker and stretching stand.
1. Wrap form: 3*5, 4*6, 3*4, 2*3, etc.
2. Easy operation, wide usage scope and convenient pack form change
3. Smooth shrink surface
4. Heat oven is good at heat preservation. After 2-shift production, outer wall temperature is lower than 50
5. Blade adopts instant heating
6. Stepless speed adjusting
7. Low noise and less land occupation
8. Touch screen control with Man-machine interface

Main composition
Constant temperature seal & cut knife: DUPONT
PLC Controller: OMRON
Frequency inverter: HOLIP (Denmark);
Pneumatic components: UNIQUC
Photocell switch: AUTONICS (Korea)
Proximity switch: AUTONICS
Contractor: Siemens

Machine dimension6500mm×3200mm×2100mm (L×W×H)
Machine Weight2500KG
Thermal shrinking Tunnel1800mm×650mm×450mm(L×W×H)
Package size (max.)600mm×400mm×350mm (L×W×H)
Operating power supply/power380V 19KW
Sealing and cut time/temperature0.5-1.5s 140oC-160oC
Operating air pressure0.6-0.8Mpa
Sealing Length (max)560mm
Air consumption0.6m3/minute
Capacity10~12 packs/minute

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