OPP Labeling Machine

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OPP Labeling Machine

OPP Label Machine


1. Adopting full round labeling manner, the label can be cut, adsorbed, glued and labeled automatically.

2. It is use PLC step-less speed control system, which can adjust the speed as the bottle in-fed to make system synchronous.

3. Bottle in-fed by the star wheel to ensure high speed working stability.

4. The drive system is controlled by main motor controller and frequency conversion.

5. The label is tracked and cut by the servo technology, which working with special designed high speed vacuum drum, the labeling performance can be precise and stable.

6. Electric type labeling emendation system, which can ensure the cut precision to be ±0.5mm.

7. It is equipped with safety system. If there is any bottle block, the drive system will stop automatic.

8. The labeling area can be adjusted up and down as need.

9. Glue temperature no reach to the set parameter, the whole system don’t work.

10. No label, no working.

11. No labeling on the bottle, the whole system will alarm and stop automatic.

12. Label leaking and no inspection space will make the machine alarm automatic.

13. Label not enough will make machine alarm automatic.

14. Malfunction will alarm.

15. Central lubricating system is easy and clean for machine.

16. Easy installation and connection with other machine in filling line.

Mechanical components:

1. Vacuum drum: to adsorb label and make bottle and label close joint.

2. Star wheel: to separate and distribute bottle one by one.

3. Cut knife wheel: to cut the roll label one by one.

4. Glue wheel: to glue the two end of label well-proportioned.

5. Label pressing strap wheel: to press label with bottle body after labeling.

6. Glue melting system: to melt glue from solid piece.

7. Conveying chains: total about 4.5m with drive motor.

8. Tension wheel: to be used for label changing.

9. Labeling emendation system: to make all labels in same level. 



5000mm*1600mm*2000mm (L*W*H)


About 2000KG

Bottle material

PET, glass, metal

Bottle diameter


Bottle height


Label height


Label material

OPP, BOPP, complex film, paper(roll-fed)

Inner diameter of roll


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