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Spring Water Filling Machine

This washing-filling-capping integrate machine, 3-in-1 monoblock is designed and produced by our company; It has stable performance, advanced technology, beautiful appearance, and full function. The machine is mainly used for PET bottle pure water washing-filling-capping.

Technical features

1. It adopts technology of air conveyor direct connect with bottle infeed starwheel to instead of screw and conveyor. It is easier and more simple to change over bottle size.

2. Adopt neck handling technology to convey bottles. There is no need to adjust the height of equipment and only need to change some spare parts.

3. High speed filling line adopts bottle gripper conveying technology. It is free to changer over bottle size and the working table inside the machine is more laconic.

4. By 3-in-1 monoblock, the bottle goes through rinsing, filling and capping with little abrasion, and the transferring is stable, bottle changing is easier.

5. Specially designed stainless steel bottle gripper dose not contact the thread parts of the bottle neck, avoiding the second contamination.

6. High speed and mass flow filling valve ensures the high filling speed and exact fluid level.

7. Parts contacting liquid are all made of excellent stainless steel or food grade engineering plastic. The electric system is from international brand and achieves the national food hygienic standard.

8. The bottle-out starwheel is helical structure. While changing over bottle size, it is no need to adjust bottle-out conveyor height.

Main composition

3-in-1 monobloc is composed of rinser, filler, capper, machine base, covering windowns, main motor and transmission system, cap unscrambler and electric control system, etc.

The overturning device of the rinser is mainly composed of water distributor, bottle gripper, upper rotary tray, guide trackl, protection cover, water spraying device and water collection tray.

Filling device is mainly composed of filling barrel, filling valve, guide rail, elevating device, elevating device, etc.

Capping device is composed of cap unscramblerr, cap falling chute and capper.

The auxiliary (or optional) equipment include rinsing water recycle tank, bottle-in air conveyor and bottle-out conveyor. In addition, the manual bottle feeding table (or bottle unscrambler) and automatic cap elevator can be equipped according to customer requirement.

We specialize in manufacturing beverage production line.
Optional equipments as follows,
1. Bottle loading machine (the bottles can be unscrambled manual or automatically)
2. Air conveyor
3. Rinsing/filling/capping 3-in-1 machine
4. CIP system
5. Cap loading machine
6. Date code printer
7. Stressless conveyor and filled bottle conveyor system
8. Labeling machine
9. Film wrapping or carton packaging machine
10. Electric control system
11. Purified air workshop
Technical parameters 18-18-6 24-24-8 32-32-10 40-40-12 50-50-15 60-60-15 72-72-18 80-80-20
Production capacity (500ml)(BPH) 6000 10000 14000 18000 24000 30000 35000 40000
Washing heads 18 24 32 40 50 60 72 80
Filling Heads 18 24 32 40 50 60 72 80
Capping Heads 6 8 10 12 15 15 18 20
Filling valve flow rate (ml/s) 140~160 140~160 140~160 140~160 140~160 140~160 140~160 140~160
PET bottle size (mm) Bottle Diameter D=60~97mm D=60~97mm D=60~97mm D=60~97mm D=60~97mm D=60~97mm D=60~97mm D=60~97mm
Bottle Height H=150~320mm H=150~320mm H=150~320mm H=150~320mm H=150~320mm H=150~320mm H=150~320mm H=150~320mm
Capping torque(N.m) 0.6~2.8 0.6~2.8 0.6~2.8 0.6~2.8 0.6~2.8 0.6~2.8 0.6~2.8 0.6~ 2.8
Installed capacity (Kw) 2.38 4.18 4.18 4.37 5.87 5.87 9.57 9.57
Compressed  Air consumption(0.6Mpa)Nm3/min 0.5 0.6 0.8 0.8 1 1.5 1.5 2
Washing bottles water consumption(0.2-0.25Mpa)m3/h 1.5 1.5~2 1.5~2 1.5~2 2~2.5 2~2.5 2.5~3 2.5~3
Dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 2500×2000×2850 2800×2300×2850 4150×2560×2850 4400×2800×2850 5350×3400×2850 5520×4750×2850 7100×6250×2850 7700×6750×2850
Weight(t) 4.5 6 7 8 9.5 13 15 16

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