Inspection and preparation before operation

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Inspection and preparation before operation

Inspection and preparation of automatic filling machine before operation:

1. Spot check and check the equipment before starting up according to the daily spot check table of filling machine.

2. Lubricate the equipment according to the lubrication instruction of filling machine.

3. Before starting up and after the end of production, the production site must perform a systematic 4S operation for the equipment under its jurisdiction.

4. Check whether the valve of each pipeline is in good condition and there is no leakage.

5. Check whether each instrument is in good condition and the circuit is normal.

6. Check whether the operating parts of each instrument and circuit are normal.

7. There is no jam in each rotating part, the fastening part is not loose, the running direction is normal, and the lubrication is good.

8. Clean the place of filling machine and sundries on the transportation belt.

9. Flush the qualified liquid into the pipeline of filling machine until the liquid is consistent with the sample, and then pour the medicine back to the finished product.

10. Open the adsorption device and close the door.

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