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Juice sterilizing machine
Tubular UHT sterilizer
Product introduction: The sterilization process of tubular ultra-high temperature sterilizer not only can be suitable for common products, but also can satisfy special requirements of customers, for example: Long term production of products with granules or medium and high viscosity. Such an cream, pure milk etc. Products(milk, fruit juice and cream )of high viscosity: Products containing fiber and larger pulp granules, products of high acidity and products corrosive to the dead angle. The products can be sterilized at high temperature and ultra-high temperature of 120~140 degree
Main features: Hard to agglomerate, long working time; PLC control with simple and correct operation; Touch screen display, which is direct and full; Self-provided CIPcleaning system, easy cleaning; Reliable materials with high pressure withstanding capacity; Low maintenance cost. It can be customized to satisfy infividualized requirements of different customers.

Plate UHT sterilizer
Product description: Production capacity: 1-20 t/h.
With such features an high heat recovery, compact and beautiful structrue, stable temperature control etc.
Control methods: Semi-automatic control, full-automatic control (PLC control, touch screen disnplay)
The system adopts ultra-high temperature processing method, which can strictly sterilize the dairy, tea beverage and fruit etc. And then transfe to aseptic packaging. The sterilizing temperature is 135~140 degree and the heat preservation period is 4~5 seconds, so an to maintain the original nutrition, color and flavor of beverage and dairy.

Technology introduction
Technology: 30--70degree--140 degree(4s\10s\15s)--85- 92degree ---(40 degree )return flow
Cooling water 12≤ 30 degree (spare).

Applicable productJuice, dairy beverage, pure fresh milk
Inner SIP sterilization liquidHot water
Product supply pressure (Mpa)0.15-0.25
Product inlet temperature 35-45
Product sterilization temperature137
Keep time for product sterilization(S)15
Steam Pressure (MPa)0.4~0.5
Steam Consumption (Kg/h)300
Compressed Air Pressure (MPa)>0.6
Compressed Air Consumption (M 3 /min)0.45
Chilly water flow (t/h)10
Power KW (380V 50Hz)8
Dimension (L×W×H)6200×2000×1900
Equipment weight (Kg)2500

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