Glass Bottled Beer Packaging Machine / Beer Filling Sealing Machine

This glass bottle filling machine adopts advanced SIEMENS programmable logic controller (PLC) to control the automatic running of the machine. The input bottle adopts air conveying device; the output bottle adopts adjustable speed way, which combines with the transducer of the host machine making the output bottle running more stable and reliable. The photoelectrical inspection of the running condition of various parts makes a higher automation and convenient operation. It is the ideal first-choice equipment of beverage manufacturers.The machine fill carbonated drink such as soda water, soft drink , & beer in any shape 300ml to 1500ml glass bottle with screw caps, pressure caps or crown capping.

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Zhangjiagang Glass Bottle Beer Bottling Machinery   
This beer Filling machine is used for glass beer filling. The machine includes rinsing, filling and capping for crown cap. Adopted double time vacuum system to remove the cO2 content during filling as much as possible.

Zhangjiagang Glass Bottle Beer Bottling Filling Machine

Main Feature

Rinsing part

1.Rotary rinser: applicable for wine, beverage and water cleaning.

2.The new bottle is transported through the separation screw and starwheel by the clamp and turn over device; bottle neck is held upwords, after aseptic water rinsing, the bottle neck goes up and transported to another process.

3.The rinsing contact part and out cover adopt the stainless steel material

4.Open design gear driving


Filling part

1.Adopt the German technology, utilize the isobaric filling principle design, achieve to fill the cleaned bottle

2.Adopt isobaric mechnical valve ,fast filling with high precision filling level.

3.Adopt the guiding pole with cover function ;bottle held elevation desgin , ensures the complete seal between bottle neck and filling valve ,avoids the leakage.

4.Equip with the anti break device ;bottle break cleaning ,avoiding the next botte .

5.Equip with complete CIP cleaning function


Capping part

1.Cappig part :sorted cap is capped on the filled bottle ,and then transported to the next step.

2.Capper rotates through the speed reducer machine .The cap leaves the hopper under the centrifugal function .The exit is equipped with the cap reverce dvice ,when the reverce cap comes ,it is changed to the right direction ;the cap quantity is controlled by the photoelectric switch ,ensures the caping falling effect.

3.If the container has the cap ,the second cap cannot go in ,which utilizes the cap .

4.And it is equipped with photo eletric swith on the slding trail ,when it tests that there is no cap ,it stops automatically



Description Supplier
PLC Mitsubishi, Siemens
Touch screen Mitsubishi, Siemens, PROFACE
Frequency converter Mitsubishi, Siemens, Danfoss
Air switch Schneider
Breaker Siemens
Contactor Siemens
Photoelectric switch Omron, Keyence, P+F
Approach switch Truck
Main bearing NTN
Lubrication bearing IGUS
Sealings Sealtech
Pneumatic components Camozzi

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