Full Automatic Pet Bottle Blower-Filler-Capper Combi-Block

  • CGX Series

PET bottle Blower-Filler-Capper Combi-Block
Capacity: 12000-36000bph (500ml)

Main partsBrandRemark
PLC systemSIMENSFrom Germany
InverterDanfossFrom Denmark
Touch ScreenSIMENSFrom Germany
Main motorSEWFrom Germany
Pneumatic partFESTO/CAMMOZIFrom Germany
Power AdjustorCarlo GavazziFrom Switzerland
SensorCarlo GavazziFrom Switzerland
Blow valveEugen SaitzFrom Switzerland
Gas & liquid seal ringTrellebory Quad-ringFrom USA
Button & SwitchSCHNEIDERFrance
Proximity switchTURCKFrom Germany

Hy-Filling company is one of few compaies who is in control of both PET bottle blowing and filling two key technology equipment suppliers,based on years of experience of the completeproduction line project, weintegrated blowing and filling latest technology and has successfully developed 18000bph, 24000bph, 30000bph, 36000bph blowing-filling-capping 3-in-1 machine, is widely used in water, tea, fruit juice and carbonated soft drinks and other fields.
The whole action of blowing-filling-capping monoblock includes:
Preform conveyor--bottle mouth detection--preform electrostatic precipitation--blowing forming--bottle detection--bottle star wheel transmition--filling--capping--finished products
The advantages of the blowing-filling-capping monoblock:
l         Save the installation area of the production line
Since the preform used for blowing-filling-capping monoblock has already been electrostatic precipitated before blowing, and will directly conveyed to the filling machine by driving wheel after forming, cancells air conveyor from blowing machine to filling machine and bottle rinsing procedure, and saves the using area of the facotry, no need to invest to by the air conveyor and bottle rinsing machine.
l         Save the power consumption and water consumption
The use of blowing-filling-capping machine, saves the air conveyor energy consumption, bottle rinsing energy consumption, and plenty of water consumption.
l         Save the consumption of the raw material
The blowing-filling-capping monoblock avoids the risk of deformation caused by squeezing the bottle, and suitable for use in lightweight bottles (500ml bottles can be reduced to a total weight of 11.8 g).
l         Save the operators and equipment maintanence charges
The traditional blowing machine and filling machine are far apart, and each machine requires a seperate operator, using blowing-filling-capping machine will reduce the operators. Because of cancelling the rinsing machine and air conveyor, the corresponding maintanence and spare parts cost will be saved. 

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