Full Automatic Glass Bottle Washing Machine

  • CPJ Series
Glass Bottle Washing Machine
Production capcity: 3000bph-36000bph (500ml)
 No. Item Industry standard   Target
1 Wash down ratio 100% 100%
2 Filling liquid level error ±4mm ±3mm
3 Bottle spoiled ratio ≤0.1% ≤0.08%
4 Cap spoiled ratio ≤0.8% ≤0.5%
5 Cap qualification rate    99% 99.5%
6 Cap moment 0.6~2.8N·m adjustable Fluctuation range
7     Liquid spoil ratio ≤0.5% ≤0.3%

The machine is rotary type spraying sterilizer, mainly for sterilize bottles of beverage, mineral water etc. The new bottle enters equipment through bottle separate star wheel and clipped to the mouth down by clamp and turner device, and turn to mouth up automatically after sterilizing and conveyed to rinsing machine by bottle outlet star wheel. The main structure, touch parts with sterilize medium, outer protection cover are all stainless steel material; Gear drive; At the entrance of bottle inlet of the rinsing machine is installed pneumatic device to control bottle inlet. The each door of the equipment is equipped with Omron safety protection switch, shut down when open the door. If special needs, we could consider to install PILZ safety relay on the basis of safety door protection switch.

Spraying type sterilizer water inlet pipe is equipped with pressure gauge;
Equipped water collect to recycle disinfector;
When sterilizing, the consumption for each bottle type will be:
When 0.5/0.6L>190ml
When 1.25/1.5L>350ml
When no bottle for long time or shut down, it will stop rinsing automatically, and rinsing automatically when bottle inlet again.

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