Full Automatic Glass Bottle Beer Filling Production Line

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  • BPCGN Series

Glass bottle draft beer equipment

Model PBGCY24-24-6
Number of Working Positions Rinser 24, Filler 24, Capper 6
Rated Capacity 4,000BPH (500ml)
Filling Method Counter pressure Filling
Filling temperature 0~4ºC
Applicable Bottle Glass Bottle, Diameter 45-90mm, Height 120-310mm
Applicable Cap Crown Cap
Filling Pressure 0.6 Mpa
CO2 Consumption 230g/hl (two times vacuum suction)
Compressed Air Consumption 0.5m 3/min (0.6MPa)
Sterile Water Consumption 3.2m3/h (0.2-0.25Mpa)
Rated Voltage 380V
Total Power 14.97 KW (including vacuum pump, foaming system)
Dimension Size 3420*2170*3200 mm
Weight About 8000 KG

Rinsing/filling/capping three-in-one machine
Cap type: Crown cap
Production capacity: 5000bph-36000bph (500ml)

Main Product:
2000-40000 BPH Mineral Water Bottling Line;
2000-40000 BPH Juice Bottling Line;
2000-40000 BPH Carbonated Beverage Bottling Line;
3000-40000 BPH Beer Bottling Line;
6000-30000BPH Aluminium Can Filling Line;
120-2000 Barrels/Hour 3-Gallon & 5-Gallon Filling Line;

Edible Oil Filling Line;
PET Preform Injection Machine;
Bottle Blow Moulding Machine;
Water Treatment;
UHT Plant;
Carbonating Mixer;
Bottle Unscrambler;
Film Shrink-wrapping or Carton Box Packaging Machine;
Turn Key Project.
Model DGCY50-50-10
Number of Working Positions Rinser 50, Filler 50, Capper 10
Rated Capacity 10,000-12000BPH (500ml)
Filling Method Counter pressure Filling
Applicable Bottle Glass Bottle, Diameter 45-90mm, Height 120-310mm
Applicable Cap Crown Metal Cap
Air Supply Pressure 0.6 MPa
Compressed Air Consumption 1m3/min
CO2 Consumption 230g/h (2-times evacuation)
Sterile Water Consumption 4.5m3/h(0.2~0.25MPa)
Rated Voltage 380V
Total Power 17.12 KW (including vacuum pump and foam-breaking system)
Dimension Size 4900×3160×3200 mm
Weight About 12000 KG


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Provide Production Line Machine for water, beverage and dairy drink Turn-key Solution
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