Full Automatic Bagged Water Machine (DZ SERIES)

Automatic Bagged Water Machine
1. Green and health
2. Cheaper cost
3. Good quality
4. Easy operation

Filling heads


Filling range

2-10L, 10L-30L

Filling speed

220-240 bags/h


Pressure :220V/50HZ     Power:380W

Filling precision

Above (within)±0.2%

Air pressure


Bag Package Water Equipment (pure water production line, packing machine)
Production Description:
Full Automatic Bagged Water Fil Machine
Transferring belt only for water in bags
Optic examining plate only for water in bags
Full Automatic sealing machine only for water in bags
Full Automatic Bagged Water Machine

Installation and commissioning
After the equipments arrived buyer's workshop, the buyer should take it's place for each equipment according to the supplied layout; the seller will send the experienced technician to guide the installation and debugging and trail production, and fulfill the designed capability within the designed time.
The seller will supply technical training to the buyer. The training is includes: equipment structure and maintenance, control and operation. After training, the technicians of the buyer will grasp relevant operation and maintenance skills, and could adjust the technologies more skilled, and can deal with all kinds of malfunction in time.
After-sales service
1) After qualified of the equipment, the seller will supply one year guarantee, control system one year guarantee, free charge for wearing parts, and other spare parts with cost price. Within guarantee period, the technicians who accepted training should strictly obey the requirements asked by the seller to operate the equipments and maintenance, to find the common malfunctions and fault clearing in time; if the technicians of the buyer couldn't solve the problems themselves, the after-sales department will supply long range guide service by phone; if relevant measurements couldn't solve the problems, the seller will send the technicians to the buyer factory, clear the fault or relevant technical problems on site, the charges will reference to the installation and debugging charges.
2) After guaranteed, the seller will supply widely favorable technical support, after-sales service for the lifetime: favorable price for the wearing parts and other spare parts.

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