Eight characteristics of beverage filling machine

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Eight characteristics of beverage filling machine


1. Small investment, suitable for small beverage processing plants, scientific research universities, beverage processing experimental research units and other investments;

2. It is applicable to a wide range of products and has a large variety of processing, and can convert different processing processes according to different processing raw materials of fruits and vegetables;

3. Complete supporting facilities, full functions, compact structure, low energy consumption, stable operation and simple operation;

4. The ingredients of the whole production line are automatically weighed and added, and the temperature of the whole process is automatically control to make the processed pulp beverage consistent;

5. Water inlet and power supply inlet are convenient and simple;

6. One outlet for waste gas and waste water discharge is in line with national environmental protection discharge;

7. Aseptic room production line: the room is sealed with 100,000 aseptic assembly, the whole processing link is sanitary, clean and aseptic, and there is no need to decorate the working site;

8.Waiting for your suggestions.

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