Bottle Warming Machine (YWP Series)

  • YWP Series
YWP-1550 bottle warming machine
Description Specification
Vessel parameter 330ml can
Output capacity Rating:200cans/min
Main conveyor belt speed: 523mm/min
Can warming process parameter Can inlet temperature: 6-8ºC
Can outlet temperature:≤34-40ºC
Can warming time:13-20min
Consume quota (all the below data of consume quota is under the output capacity 200cans/min of the can warming machine)
Electric power (matched power) 9.37KW
Main motor 1pcs: 0.37KW
1# & 2# warming part each 1pcs P=3KW water pump motor:3KW×2=6KW
Can inlet & outlet motors two pcs: 2×1.5=3KW
Control voltage DC24V
Working voltage 3-phase AC380V
Bottle warming medium water Pressure:(tap water pressure) 2-4Kgf/cm2
Consumption:tank body recycling water 2.5m3
Water consumption for running: 0.5-1T/h
steam Steam pressure: 4-6Kgf/cm2
Consumption: startup overhead before regular working of the equipment 400Kg/H
Consumption when the regular working of the equipment: 80Kg/H
Compressed air Working pressure:2-4Kgf/cm2
Consumption: 0.5m3/h (normal state)
Weight N.W. : about 6T
Working weight: about 12T
Overall dimension 7000×1500×2000mm (L*W*H)


The bottle warmer is used to warm PET bottles, cans after cold carbonated filling. The purpose is to prevent water condensing on the cold bottles and make a good condition for labeling.

Technical specification:

Ø Capacity 6000BPH

Ø Exit Temperature 3640

Ø Hot water spraying time ≥ 15min(min. 6min)

Ø Power consumption 6.42KW

Ø Spraying water pressure 0.3Mpa

Ø Water consumption: 0.2m3/h

Ø Compressed air pressure 0.6Mpa

Ø Air consumption 240KG/h

Ø Size 5100× 2200× 2000mm

Ø Weight 3000KG.

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