Aseptic Liquid Pouching Packing Machine (WJ SERIES)

Aseptic Liquid Pouching Packing Machine
1, aseptic filling machine
2, for aseptic packing of liquid milk and non-carbonated drinks



Filling Head Amount

1,  2

Applicable BIB Bags

1L~30L, 30L - 50 L, 220L

Filling Valve

Butterfly Valve, Duckbill Valve, Stifle Valve

Scope Of Application:
WJ Series Aseptic pouching packaging machine adopts international advanced asepsis processing technology and applies to commercial asepsis soft packing for fresh milk, fresh soybean milk, fresh fruit juice and some liquid condiment. It can be connected with "UHT " super high temperature instant sterilizing system and CIP purification system, automatically complete sterilizing and drying for the packing film to realize series work such as preparing bags, filling, measuring, printing date, sealing, cutting off and sending bags out.

Packing speed: 50 bags/min
Packing volume: 100-500ml /bag
Width of the film: 240-320mm, consecutively adjustable
Measurement accuracy: ± 1.5%
Rated power: 11KW
Dimension: 2000(L )× 1100(W) × 2450(H)mm
Weight: 1400kg
Compressed air: Dry air without oil
Pressure: 0.7 Mpa
Air wastage: 1.25m3/min

1) Fast packaging speed: Up to 3000 bags per hour
2) Advanced PLC controller; Microprogrammable controller and machine conversion interface
3) Automatic protection function for extreme power phase variations and overheating
4) Adoptable to all packaging film widths
5) Built in alarm notification and auto stop when film is low or out material
6) Thermal sealing, cutting and splicing capability allows inline changeover without stopping machine
7) Aseptic wind testing function; "no wind" alarm function to prevent overheating
8) Water level detection and alarm function in heated water tank; Auto water fill and heating function
9) Abnormal carrying film alarm and stop function
10) No ink alarm function
11) Auto-correcting error function
12) On/off switch linkage between opening door and UV ray lamp function
13) Tough screen to set fill-volumes
14) Auto temperature monitoring and alarm function of "germ-free" production environment

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