6000bph small automatic wine bottle filling making machine for glass bottles

This glass bottle filling machine adopts advanced SIEMENS programmable logic controller (PLC) to control the automatic running of the machine. The input bottle adopts air conveying device; the output bottle adopts adjustable speed way, which combines with the transducer of the host machine making the output bottle running more stable and reliable. The photoelectrical inspection of the running condition of various parts makes a higher automation and convenient operation. It is the ideal first-choice equipment of beverage manufacturers.The machine fill carbonated drink such as soda water, soft drink , & beer in any shape 300ml to 1500ml glass bottle with screw caps, pressure caps or crown capping.
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Automatic 3 in 1 Glass Bottled Beer Filling Machine

Machine description:

This beer machine integrating washing bottle, filling and capping in one unit.

1.Feeding bottle on belt by manual, bottles going to washing part by conveying belt, washing bottle gripper gripping bottle neck, along washing bottle pathway overturning 180°, water pump opening, water spraying bottle inside and outside, then drying along washing bottle pathway overturning 180°, bottles come out by conveying belt, and entering into filling position, with hanging bottle neck positioned filling machine lifting mechanism on cliping bottle neck plate, make the bottles lift up, fit to filling . During lifting process, check bottle on cliping bottle neck or not. If with bottle, then starts filling beer. If no bottles, then the filling valves remain close state. After finishing filling, bottle lifting mechanism go down, the filled beer bottle sent into capping machine by star wheel, after capping, the bottle is sent out through star wheel to conveyor belt.


2.Emphasis on opening machine design, minimized the machines’ components, smooth and easy design, washing, filling capping part in one working table, take deep consideration of corrosion resistance , all parts contacting with liquid uses SUS304, and design for all pipes and connection joint, bending radius , design is streamline without hygiene corner.


3.Consider bottle characteristics, adopt cam lifting way, stable operation, and increase filling central device to make the filling more accurately.


4. For beer characteristics, beer tank and filling valve is customized made.

Additional increase diaphragm valve to ensure beer supplying stability ,reduce beer foaming, make sure that beer level accuracy.


5. Pressure preparation is combined controlled by solenoid valve under working table, with PLC and electrode points pressure gauge. Beer tank is prepared pressure first, then feeding beer. If too big pressure with feeding beer, beer tank will air exhaust to set up pressure, if pressure is not enough, CO2 will feed to beer tank for pressure preparation to reach to required pressure.


6. The main purpose of water injecting and foaming device is filtered by high pressure and heated water , and for high pressure waterline sent into bottle , and make bubble, and take out air from the bottle, and ensure the quality of beer.

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